Contemporary Classic in a Conservation Setting

To build a new house in the grounds of a Grade 2* listed building next to Gardens of Historic Interest and in a Conservation Area is never easy. I took on this Project Consultancy after the initial attempt by a local architect had failed after been thrown out by Historic England. A lot of research, getting the right experienced modern architect involved, getting the right conservation architectural consultant involved and putting together the right approach in the right format all required careful creative management.

The effort and careful communication with Historic England's Officers eventually reaped rewards for the client and for the Conservation Area and the community. An exemplar modern sustainable house that fits in and enhances the historic setting by thoughtful design and use of materials. This house is clever, unusual, private and hardly seen from the road; it is no modern box but shaped to fit the site and provide beautiful vistas both inside and out.

The architect is a very private man who you would not find on a Google search, the last job had been a house very close to the Acropolis in Athens, once persuaded he relished the challenge and the result is stunning.

The careful use of Solar PV, ASHP (Air Sourced Heat Pump), MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery), good insulation with top grade windows and doors, all help to make this very much passive house sustainable and ready for the C21st and it's climate emergency challenges.

This was all built not by a main contractor but by a hand picked team of very professional and experienced individual builders and craftsmen put together by me and who worked well together as a team. The project was fun and rewarding in many ways for all concerned, the result is stunning and shows the dedication of all involved.

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