Project Management & Consultation

West Dorset - East Devon - South Somerset

Based in Lyme Regis

Eco House
New Builds

Projects managed for clients from concept to completion, through design, permissions and construction. Experience of sensitive landscapes and historic locations with final designs that put the results firmly into the "contemporary classic" class of architecture.

Houses that are very much Eco with an easy and comfortable layout that are a joy to live in and easy to maintain. Working from a Lyme Regis office throughout East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset.

Georgian house new front

Some extensive programmes of building renovation and innovation achieved with good design, improved sustainability, constructive conservation and budget control; project management, design input and consultation throughout. Dealing with listed buildings and sensitive locations around Lyme Regis in East Devon, West Dorset and South Somerset.

Plans for major reconfiguration
Extensions and Reconfigurations

Working on some challenging houses in a wonderful locations, that badly needed updating and redesigning for modern life with the ability to adapt to different family and holiday letting situations. Finding the right architect and the right contractors to work with is important, to achieve a creative leap with the right outcome and keeping in budget.

With my style of Project Management I work closely with the client, from the start, informing and empowering them, so that they feel a part of what can be a complex construction project.



Wall stripped to reveal old layers
Sensitivity and Design

What to leave and what to replace is important when designing a home. Working closely with architects, designers or sometimes just directly with a client who knows what they want, brings great results when managed well.

My design background helps me understand and communicate well, I have a vast range of experience from working with minimalist architects, decorative interior designers and contemporary artists.


Architectural model
Finding good Architects and Contractors

There are a lot of architects and a lot of contractors, some very good, some appauling, some appropriate for the project and some not. Knowing who to use takes time served knowledge and knowing how to use them to their best takes experience and sensitivity. I will help find them or work with the clients own prefered professionals.

Starting on the right footing is important and will dictate the budget, the quality of design and the process of building, it is vital to get this right early on.

Community Consultation Presentation
Gaining Planning Permissions & Listed Building Consent

The great unknown of the Local Authority Planning Permissions system, this can be a lottery, but if managed well it can open up some good opportunities. Knowing what you are doing and working with the planners will usually work for the better with well thought out and well presented applications. These can be a lot of work and take some time in the case of listed buildings or sensitive locations, but patience can reap rewards for all concerned. I have had plenty of experience and gained some great outcomes, which benefit the client and the community, with no refusals to date.


Sustainable house design
Sustainability and Climate Emergency

Key to all building now and in the future is sustainability. Building a house as passive as possible by using good insulation, well thought out glazing and having some form of energy generation is essential. Using local tradesmen and local suppliers also helps to reduce the carbon footprint to a sensible level.

Not all advice and information available is sensible or appropriate, a good overview is essential for a sucessful longterm outcome. Helpfully these investments can reap rewards by saving you money in the long run through grants and low running costs.


IAB Sitges
Knowledge & Experience

A huge variety of experience from larger projects like the Institute of Arts Barcelona, the National Gallery London, to beautiful small homes in Dorset, advising on all aspects of design and some fundementals like budgets, builders, contracts, regulations and dealing with permissions.

Budget is key and in all projects this is the driver from which all things come from, unless directed otherwise I always try to stick to a budget.


Do Contact Me

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Guy Bamford

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Guy Bamford


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Email: guy.bamford01@gmail.com

Tel: 0797 990 5667

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